Foam Proportioner, ATP, FOAMATE Model 1.0, Class A, LPM Dial

Weight: 5.000 lbs

Trident "FOAMATE" Advantages

  • All Brass Body Construction and Connections
  • Maximum Pressure 600 PSI
  • Includes Two Brass Wye Strainers
  • LPM Flow Range: up to 1500 LPM
  • Simple Operation and Training
  • Perfect for Retro-Fit Installation on Existing Units
  • Quick to Install – Under One Hour

FOAMATE Construction

  • Brass metering valve with EPDM rubber replaceable foam compatible seals
  • Integral brass check valve to prevent ‘backflow’ of foam into the water supply
  • Compact control panel, 4" high x 4" wide x 4" deep
  • Valve body and metering valve mounted behind panel (when panel mounted)
  • Chrome plated control panel, with integral polycarbonate label for operating instructions and foam diagram

FOAMATE Model 1.0 Install Guide (FOAMATE_1.0_Install_Guide_12-2016.pdf, 569 Kb) [Download]

FOAMATE Model 1.0/2.1 Flyer (Foamate-1.0-2.1_flyer_12-2016.pdf, 1,554 Kb) [Download]