Team Trident

Engineering, Sales and Support


Message from, Jim Maher, President of Trident Emergency Products:

“Our company is guided by the age old, and often overlooked philosophy of uncompromised customer service. We strive to design, manufacture and sell innovative products and components that are customer friendly, easy to install, and economically priced. The goal of our entire organization is to lead the pack when it comes to apparatus plumbing and hardware items. We enjoy working with all customers – large and small – to help  them save time and money while exceeding their expectations in everything we do. There is no higher priority in our company than complete customer satisfaction!”

Factory Team

Jim Maher

Mike Sulmone
VP Engineering

Kevin Sullivan
Senior Engineer

Nick Capaldo
Product Engineer

Ryan Sirchio
Production Manager

Trident Main Office Staff
2940 Turnpike Drive Unit #9
Hatboro, PA 19040 USA
Phone: (215) 293-0700
Fax: (215) 293-0701

Contact Info:

Jim Maher x116

Mike Sulmone x105

Kevin Sullivan x108

Nick Capaldo x103

Ryan Sirchio x104

Colleen Fullerton x101

Steve Tolbert x107

Mike McCracken x106

Rich Huhn x109

Joyce Harskuti x102

Colleen Fullerton
Office Manager

Steve Tolbert
Foam Products Manager

Mike McCracken
Foam Products

Rich Huhn
Marketing & Events

Joyce Harskuti
Customer Service

Sales Team

Midwest Sales
JRL Marketing, Inc.

Midwest Sales
JRL Marketing, Inc.

Southwestern Sales
Tri-State Equiment

Canadian Sales
Biernat Fire, Inc.

Rob Johnson
(816) 668-3511
States Covered: KS, NE, IA, MO, IL

Jerry Hayden
(612) 991-6160
States Covered: ND, SD, MN, WI, IL

Tri-State Equipment
(817) 961-0062
States Covered:

Mark Biernat
(866) 595-1142
Area Covered: All of Canada

Alan Saulsbury
(607) 423-7312

Parker Browne
(330) 612-3567

Bill Graves
(201) 522-4377

Alan Saulsbury
International Sales Manager

Parker Browne
Product Specialist

Bill Graves
Eastern Sales Support