Handwheel Control, 4", 2-Swivel Joints, 16:1 Ratio, Yellow/White

Weight: 4.000 lbs
Tru-Flo™ is a Slow-Close valve control designed specifically for fire apparatus valves. This patented Hand-Wheel and Dial Indicator utilizes magnets to maintain the dial face in a stationary and readable orientation as the Hand-Wheel is rotated to fully open or closed valve positions.

The Hand-Wheel can be mounted in any orientation, including horizontally for side mount control panels or vertically for top mount control panels.

The indicating gauge is sealed and constructed of a polycarbonate, non-yellowing lens and case. The entire unit is corrosion resistant with brass and stainless steel components. The Hand-Wheel assembly incorporates four separate low friction bearings for smooth operation.

  • 4" Hand-Wheel for 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" valves
  • Hand-Wheel includes 2 Universal Joints
  • 16:1 Ratio
  • Yellow/White

Hand-Wheel Install Guide (PDF file - 320K) (Hand-Wheel-Install-Guide5-2.pdf, 320 Kb) [Download]

Preferred Product Specifications (_19.416.9_-_Preferred_Product_Specifications.docx, 27 Kb) [Download]

Tru-Flo Valve Position Indicating Hand-Wheels Sheet (PDF file - 716K) (tru-flo-valve-position-indicating-hand-wheels.pdf, 716 Kb) [Download]