Trident is proud to announce the UL® listing of GP30 and GP60 Foam Pumps

by Trident
Titan GP30

October 29, 2018—Trident Emergency Products is proud to announce the UL® listing of our GP SeriesTM GP30 and GP60 foam pumps under UL 448C “Stationary, Rotary Type Positive Displacement Pumps for Fire Protection Service”. The GP30 and GP60 now accompany our already UL® Listed GP120, GP160 and GP200 series foam pumps to provide a complete lineup of NFPA 20 compliant foam pumps. The complete line of GP series of foam pumps has been specially designed for the rugged 21st century firefighting industry with superior design features found nowhere else.

Superior design features and benefits of the GP Series Foam Pumps:

  • A splash oil bath lubricated, timing gear drive system provides NO rotor-to-rotor contact, preventing excessive rotor wear and heat built-up. This drive system allows for dry running conditions without pump damage, pumping of any type foam concentrate or water, and system testing, calibration and training using water, in lieu of foam concentrate. No routine greasing maintenance is required.
  • Pump construction is of cast bronze pump body and heads, bronze alloy rotors, and 17-4 stainless steel pump shafts. All materials compatible with any type foam concentrate or water.
  • Each pump shaft/rotor assembly is supported by two double row spherical roller bearings sealed for life, providing greater support. No routine greasing maintenance is required.
  • Each pump shaft/rotor assembly is sealed into the pump body using two silicon carbide mechanical seals to pre-vent the pumping medium from contacting the pump shafts. No corrosion issues or leaky lip seals.
  • EPDM square sealing rings are utilized to seal the pump body and heads. No paper gaskets.
  • Inlet and outlet ports are pipe groove (Victaulic™) for ease of installation.

Don’t rely on inferior or outdated pump designs, specify and buy the best – lives and property are depending on your foam pump choice.

Thank you for considering Trident Emergency Products.
The UL® listing of our GP30 and GP60 accompanies our GP120, GP160 and GP200 previously listed models.